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Images of Glaciers and Glacial Features
Emerald Glacier in British Columbia

Glaciers are masses of ice that show evidence of movement. They can form in high mountain ranges (alpine glaciers, or valley glaciers), or they may cover entire land masses (continental glaciers, or ice sheets), such as those found in Antarctica or Greenland. Glacial erosion is accomplished by the plucking action of ice as it moves away from cliffs, or by abrasion caused when rocks and sediments in the ice are dragged across rock surfaces.
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Grinnell Lake in Glacier National Park Erosional Features of Alpine Glaciation Pictures of erosional features resulting from alpine glaciation in mountains across the American West, including the Sierra Nevada, the Rocky Mountains, and the Cascades, along with a few examples from elsewhere in the world.
Glacial till at Athabasca glacier in Banff Depositional Features of Alpine Glaciation Alpine glaciers move vast amounts of sediment and debris, and deposit the material in landforms that are quite distinct from those of river or wind erosion.
Continental Glacier in Greenland Features of Continental Glaciation Pictures of erosional and depositional features from continental glaciers and ice sheets.
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