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Images on this site are organized by geologic process, or by locality.  Can't find a picture you want? Contact us and we'll try and find something for you!
  Page name Description
Volcanic Processes Volcanoes are earth's fireworks; they are explosive, spectacular, hazardous, and beautiful
Tectonic Processes and Structures Tectonic processes act to build up the earth: faulting, earthquakes, folding, deformation, and mountain-building. Tectonic structures are the visible evidence of these processes: faults, folds and unconformities
Erosional Processes The forces that conspire to wear the mountains and lands away: rivers, glaciers, waves, wind, gravity, and the weathering that starts the whole process
Earth Materials: Rocks and Minerals Everything we live on is composed of rock, or the weathered remains of rock. Rocks for the most part are composed of minerals, the natural chemical compounds of the Earth's crust
Trilobite Earth History and Paleontology Fossils are the evidence of past life on our planet. We use fossils and basic principles of stratigraphy to decipher past worlds. The principle of uniformitarianism allows us to see how natural laws have acted through time.
Places A collection of geologically-themed pictures from the places we have traveled; lots of California and the American West, plus a few places overseas.
Living Things Once in awhile we find interesting things living on or in the Earth. Here are some of our favorites.
Teacher at work Geologists at Work Contributions from geologists all over showing what geologists look like at work (to refute the stereotypes found on stock photo sites!)

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