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All of my pictures present just one perspective of our journey. The following are the favorite pictures submitted by our travelers. Enjoy their point of view!

  File name Susan's Pictures
  Colorful reflections in the marina at Lake Garda
  Columns at Pompei
  The Duomo of Florence from the roof of the Ufizzi Gallery
  Window in Florence
Highland Coo threatens! Your webmaster, exhausted after climbing a very steep hill in Lucerne, has no idea of the impending attack from an angry Highland Coo...
First attempt to fix the Leaning Tower! My daughter prepares to fix the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Garry attempts to document the effort by sitting on the ground with a camera.... Our first attempt is unsuccessful; see the page on Pisa for our successful conclusion!
Sidewalk Cafe John and Carol relax on a sidewalk in Rome


  File name Don's Pictures
Kate on the case Our ACIS guide, Kate, deserves special mention...she was friendly enough and all, but when things went awry in any way, well, I am glad I was not the bureaucratic official on the other end of that cell phone! She had a way of making wrong things right, potential disasters into pleasant repasts (check out the Gubbio restaurant story), and she was fiercely protective of our group when we got hung out on a limb in Bolzano and other dire situations. Many kudos for her fine leadership!
Next time, I twirl the flag In Lucerne, we had the opportunity to enjoy some Swiss culture: yodeling, broom dancing, horns, flag throwing, and ... well, drinking beer. The band leader was pretty handy on whatever instrument that was that she was playing.


        Dr. Susan Kerr's Pictures

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