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Images of Tectonic Processes and Structures
Tectonic processes are those that build up the surface of the earth. They are revealed by tectonic structures such as faults and folds. Mountain building is shown by the presence of the mountains themselves, or by the presence of unconformities (where mountain-building took place in the past).
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Shoshone outcrop of fault Normal and Reverse Faults Faults are fractures in rocks that show evidence of movement. Faults can be formed by extension of the crust, compression, or shearing. Each of the faults are different. Pictures in this collection include normal (extensional) and reverse (compression) faults.
San Andreas fault on Carrizo Plains Strike-slip Faults Strike-slip faults are produced by shearing stresses that produce lateral motion. By observing the offset of features on the opposite side of the fault from the observer, one can distinguish right lateral and left lateral motion.
Barstow Formation syncline Folds Folds are caused by compressional forces under pressure, causing the rock to bend rather than fracture.
Angular unconformity in Mosaic Canyon Unconformities Unconformities are buried erosion surfaces. In other words, a series of rocks were exposed to erosion, rock was removed, and sedimentation later covered the surface.
Grand Tetons Mountain Ranges  

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