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Images of Geologists at Work
If you are a working geologist, we would love an image of you doing your job! So many stock photo images of geologists show little of the variety of geology careers and the people who pursue them, and in many cases promote unhelpful stereotypes. As noted in the GeotripperImages guidelines, these pictures are free to students and teachers for use in classrooms and projects. If publishers wish to use any of the photos, we will provide contact information regarding the owners of the photographs. Please check out this blog post at Geotripper for the backstory of why this page is here.
Geologists in the Field
Geology professor teaches in the field Measuring fault offset on Landers Fault Geologist checks out recent fault scarp Collecting sample of volcanic ash Geologists check outcrop in Mojave Desert Geologist as park ranger at Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Geology professor teaches in the field (photo by Susan Hayes) Measuring offset from 1990 earthquake on Landers fault Geologist observes recent fault scarp in Mojave Desert (photo by Gene Pearson) Geologist collects sample of volcanic ash in Chalfant Valley Geologists observe outcrop of limestone in Mojave Desert Geologists may be employed as park rangers, such as at Golden Gate National Recreational Area
Geologists in the Laboratory and Office

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