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Images of the Earthly Realm!
Welcome to Geotripper Images! What you will find here is a collection of geology/earth science related photographs which are available for use by educators and non-profit organizations to advance public understanding of earth processes and materials. High resolution versions of these images are available to publishers. For more information, click on the Image Use link. To get started, check the "Browse Images" button. Your suggestions and feedback are appreciated!
Featured Earth Science Image
The La Sal Mountains seen through a small arch at Arches National Park in Utah.
Geotripper Images is still undergoing development.
New Updates (1/2/2014)
Living Things (15 bird images)
Strike-slip Faults (8 images of Hollister and DeRose Winery)
Shorelines (20 new images)
New pages (4/5/13)
Geologists at Work
New Pages (12/15/12):
PayPal functionality added and general housekeeping!
New Pages (2/10/12):
Under Earth Materials: Plutonic Rocks, Volcanic Rocks and Metamorphic Rocks
New pages (12/22/12):
Mass Wasting (20 images)
Living Things (50 images)
Glacial Features (56 images)

New and 'in-process' pages (6/4/11):

New pages under Tectonic Processes:
Normal and Reverse Faults (65 images)
Strike-slip Faults (63 images)
Folds (35 images)
Unconformities (40 images)
Under Erosional Processes:
Weathering (especially in Yosemite National Park- 108 images)
Shorelines (32 images)

New Virtual Geology tours added (2/15/11):
An Aerial Tour of Stanislaus Table Mountain (by Garry Hayes)
A Tour of Geology and History in Italy and Switzerland (by Garry Hayes)
A Tour of the Geology of the Hawaiian Islands (by Garry Hayes)
Under Earth Materials: Minerals

Volcanism: (as of 8/15/10)
Erosional Features of Volcanoes (Necks and Inverted Streams (42 images)
Lava flows (42 images)
Lava Plateaus (33 images)
California and Oregon Shield Volcanoes (18 images)
Hawaiian Shields - Building stage (48 images)
Hawaiian Shields - Capping, Rejuvenation and Erosional Stages (68 images)
Composite cones (Stratovolcanoes) (62 images)
Mount Shasta (30 images)
Cinder Cones (66 images)
Lava Tubes (76 images)
Plutons and Intrusions (30 images)
Roadside Geology of Yosemite Valley (127 images)

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